Friday, January 16, 2009

Let the Good Times Roll

Looking back from where I have been to where I am now I have come to realize how incredibly lucky I am to be at this point now. Here are things I can not seem to get over...

  • Eventhough my family is far away we still manage to keep in contact and maintain a good relationship despite the distance.
  • I have only one more short year left until I have my bachelor's degree!
  • My new job is going really well. Going there makes me feel appreciated, accomplished, and valuable.
  • I have a place to call my own (despite not actually sleeping there yet, but that's coming soon...)
  • My cat has a happy home with Snuggles and I get to see her whenever I want!
  • And last but not least I have an amazing boyfriend who not only loves me, but his family has shown me so much love over the past seven months too. I don't know what I would have done without them.

I can honestly say that there isn't much to complain about right now considering all of the good things that are happening. It's so great to finally feel happy and optimistic again!

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