Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

What I'm thankful for today...
  • I'm just thankful that it's finally Thursday
  • I work 9-12 tomorrow
  • October is almost over...Bring on November!
  • Wedding invitations go out in November
  • Getting response cards back in the mail
  • Getting our favors and loving them
  • Phil
  • Finding out that the root word PHIL means "to love"
  • That being a teacher, I get to give tests and quizzes and not take them!
  • For sweet tea
  • Fall. For the fall colors and lovely weather.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wedding Wednesdays

I know, I know, I've been posting a lot about the wedding, but it's because there's so much to it and I love planning it. Today's post will be a little different. I will not be talking about favors, centerpieces, or snowflakes, but rather the ceremony itself.

The ceremony is the most important thing in my mind. It is Phil and I making a commitment to one another in front of God and our family and friends. It is when he sees me for the first time in my white dress, where we pledge our love and lives to one another, and where we finally get to kiss and be announced as "husband and wife." The ceremony is what does it all.

I've been thinking about the ceremony a lot lately, mainly because we are going to have to think and choose what we want incorporated in it. It's been difficult for me because I feel pressured to do what other people think we should, rather than what I really want. Phil seems to be on the same page with me and is open to different things, but ultimately says that it is our decision. We were able to talk last night and get on the same page about the ceremony. 

I am confident that the ceremony will be lovely and that it will be just what we want. I feel that whether or not we choose to have communion, a soloist, poems, etc. that it will still glorify God and show our commitment to one another and to God. I am not any less of a person because I don't feel comfortable with some of the suggestions that people are giving. It is our day and will be worth it because I am marrying the man I love!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What's Left for the Wedding

In just four months I will finally marry the man I love! To say that I am looking forward to it is an understatement. It feels like I've been waiting for this my whole life. The wedding has been planned and there are only a few minor details that need to be taken care of before the big day.

Here's what still needs to be done:
  • Order the other half of the favors
  • Take care of the tuxes
  • Have my dress altered (appt. in December)
  • Finish the centerpieces
  • Pick out specifics of the cake (in January)
  • Hair/make-up trials (in January)
  • Print programs ( January when we have our final guest count)
  • Send out invitations (early November!!!)
  • Order bridal party gifts
  • Final prep (nails, highlights, etc) the week before the wedding
As you can see, there really isn't a lot left to be done. We've got it under control and I'm just doing the extra things I can do whenever I think about it and have the time. There is no way I'm going to be a "Bridezilla"! Also, I'm letting people help as much as they would like to. In fact, today I am going over to Mike's house and he and Jason are going to help me punch snowflakes for the centerpieces! How awesome is that?! I think it's great that Phil's friends are willing to help with the wedding and get all crafty with me!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wedding Wednesdays

I am happy to report that our wedding photographer (and pastor's wife) just sent us the link for our engagement portraits! She did such an amazing job and we all had a lot of fun. Words can not express how happy I am with her work and the pictures. It seriously makes me want to buy a bazillion copies of them.

Here's the link if you would like to check it out:

Also, I finally figured out what I want to do for favors. We are having two different favors that are being alternated at each place setting.
Because who doesn't like coffee in the winter when it's freezing cold outside?

Phil absolutely loves coffee, so when I saw them I just had to order them!
The other favor is right up my alley. Since I love baking and we both love snowflakes we've decided on a snowflake cookie cutter with a sugar cookie recipe!
I think our wedding definitely represents both of us very well and I can't wait to see it all come together in February!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wedding Update

So far, the wedding planning has been easy. All of the big things are booked and we have sent out our "out-of-state" invitations and are waiting for the replies. Next month, we will send out our "local" invitations and hopefully have our guest count by the first of the year! It has been a great experience and so much fun, but there is one thing that is difficult when planning a wedding (or any other event)...

Other people's opinions.

There. I said it. Everyone has one and everyone wants to know what we are doing and has a comment they feel the need to share. Most of the time, they are positive and I have no problem answering questions from people who are interested, but every now and then there is a rude or negative comment that gets to me.

I do not understand why people feel the need to try to disagree with us on certain things. Everyone agrees that it is OUR wedding and we should have what WE want. If that's true, then why do people try to put us down for what we want? To that I say....too bad. It IS our wedding and it's our choice what we do and do not have. Phil and I agree on everything and he has just as much say in it as I do. We are making the decisions based on how we would like our wedding day to be celebrated. So what if it's not what you's not your day. You have either had (or will have) your day to choose exactly what you want and I will be supportive of that.

We see our wedding as a day to celebrate the commitment we have made to each other. We do not want to be inebriated or have our guests drunk at the wedding so there is no alcohol. Now, some people might *gasp* at this fact and think that it is terrible, rude, or tacky, but our reception starts at NOON. There is really no need to drink that early. Also, we have chosen to have a "light lunch buffet" which includes deli sandwiches, salad, potato salad, fresh fruit and veggies, and a chocolate fountain. We are not fancy people and wanted something that wasn't going to be heavy while we were dancing in the early afternoon. Plus, our cake will be amazing! We have a great woman doing our cake and everyone loves her cakes. The one thing that is the biggest for us is that we are not inviting children under five to the wedding. This is not only for our sanity, but for the parents as well. By not having young children at the wedding, it gives everyone an opportunity to celebrate and not have to worry about a crying/tired/cranky/bored baby or child. Parents can enjoy themselves more and not have to be sitting with or chasing their children around the ceremony/reception.

We really have put a lot of thought and effort into our wedding and want everyone to have a great time. Not everyone is going to agree with our decisions or like what we have chosen and that's ok. You are entitled to your opinion, but at the end of the day--it's still our choice and you get to chose if you want to be a part of it or not. Either way, we are going to have a great wedding because the most important thing is that we are finally getting married and I am marrying the man that I love.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Superwoman? Nope, just me!

Days like today make me feel a little bit like Superwoman. It feels like I've accomplished so much today and it's not even 7pm! To help you understand, let me give you a little breakdown of my day:

6:22am- woke up and got ready for work
7:35am- arrived at work and started my day (including finishing my lesson plans for next week)
8:55am-12:30pm- work

After work I went to the local "teacher's store" to try to find a lesson guide for the novel Tom Sawyer that the 7th graders are starting next week. Then, I drove over to Chick-fil-a for a milkshake since I haven't had one in forever. After the drive-thru, I went to Phil's house and printed some response cards for the out-of-state wedding invitations. I've seriously been meaning to do this so that I can get them out in the mail this week. Then...

I subbed for 1st grade from 2:15-3:15pm. The kids were great and they were all so affectionate. Teaching Middle/High School, you don't see that, so it was a nice change of pace. Now, here's where it got a little crazy...

I went to the Reese's, made brownies for tonight/my 10th grade class tomorrow, finished my homework for pre-marital counseling, thawed the chicken for dinner, made dinner (chicken bruschetta, anyone?), watched tv, vacuumed the kitchen, living room, hallway, spare bedroom, guest bathroom, and Phil's room, oh, and I did all of the dishes that I used to make the brownies and dinner.

Now, I'm here, writing a blog. Dinner was really good...I had enough to make two batches and have decided that we're going to freeze the second one so that when Phil's mom comes home from vacation, she can have a quick meal to thaw and re-heat! Phil and I have to meet with the pastor tonight for pre-marital counseling, so we "multi-tasked" during dinner and discussed our answers with one another.

I only wish that I could feel this accomplished and driven every day.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010



Balance is something I struggle with on a daily basis.

How much is too much? What is too little? These are the thoughts that plague my mind.

Overtime, I have realized that I'm more of an "all or nothing" person. When I'm doing well with dieting and the gym, it's because I'm all in it. When I don't go for a while, I'm not at all into it. It's hard for me to find balance.

Unfortunately, this is becoming a problem. Our schedules seems to be taking on this role--we either have a packed week or nothing at all. How am I supposed to have balance when everything is all at once or there's nothing? Clearly, I need to learn to say "no" when life demands too much, but what about when people don't listen and respect me when I say no?

Over the years, I feel that my voice has been left unheard. I used to be much more confrontational and didn't let people push me around. If I said "no", it meant no! Lately, I will tell people that I can not/do not want to do things and they not only insist on getting their way, but they will even go as far as going behind my back to make it so that they get what they want. Ummm, hello...who even does that?

At the end, I'm left feeling frustrated and disrespected. I need to learn how to say no in a way that people won't push me to change my mind.

Balance is something I'm striving for and trying to achieve on a daily basis. But, for now, I need to learn to prioritize and say no to those things that aren't feasible.

Monday, October 4, 2010

McFatty Monday

This weekend I learned something valuable. I learned that if you continuously eat fatty food, it will catch up with you. Let's do a little recap of what went wrong, shall we?

Lunch- Wendy's #1 combo. Yep, a cheeseburger and fries complete with soda.
Dinner- Hot Dog. Just plain in a bun. In my defense, I thought I had a softball game and needed something quick.
Late at night- McDonald's #1 combo. I was starving and we were running around getting things ready for a friend's party the next day. Not the best choice, but it was good (at the time).

Breakfast- Raspberry pop-tarts and ice cream. I don't want to even go there....
Lunch- Charley's Philly Cheesesteak sandwich
Dinner- Taco Bell

As you could imagine, Saturday, right after lunch, I was sick. It was awful. I don't usually do that much fatty food in such a small amount of time and let me tell you, I paid for it. I did, however, redeem myself yesterday to get back on track after the weekend mishap.

Breakfast- Protein bar and water
Lunch- Subway roasted chicken breast sandwhich
Dinner- french toast

My snacking was ok, not too great and I did have one left-over from Taco Bell on Sunday, but with talking to Phil, I've learned why I binge on food. Most days, I eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with little snacking in between. This is why I am constantly feeling like I am starving and shove food into my mouth without thinking about what I'm putting in my body.

As a result, Phil and I made it a point to go to the grocery store yesterday and shop for snack, lunch, and breakfast items that I can have during the week. We also came up with a menu for dinners this week. I haven't cooked in so long because his mom cooks every night and invites me over. This week, his parents are in Virginia, so I offered to cook for Phil and his brother this week!

I am definitely looking forward to having a set plan for food this week. I feel no need to go out and buy junk food because I am prepared and have everything I need to stay on track. I am still hungry this morning, but I'm snacking like crazy and drinking water to try to hold off until lunch. It will take time for my body to adjust, but for now, I'm making good choices and focusing on that.