Thursday, June 20, 2013

Difficult Transitions

Getting used to the GD lifestyle has been an adjustment. Gone are the days of lounging around after eating and being able to eat how much I want when I want. Having to look at the clock with your first bite of a meal, knowing that in just one or two hours from now, you will be testing your blood sugar gets a little overwhelming. Then, there's the anticipation of the number that pops up. Will it be in range? Is it too high? But, I did everything right?! It definitely gets frustrating at times and a bit much.

The diet itself isn't that bad. I have to count my carbs and proteins and make sure that I'm getting the right amount at every meal and snack. I have three meals per day and three snacks per day so I'm eating every 2-3 hours on average. Of course, there are times that you do everything right and still get a number that is not in range. This is where it gets upsetting. Other times, you eat right and it's in a perfect range and you sigh with relief.

I've been put on overnight insulin and that hasn't been too bad. The needle they gave me is super tiny and it really doesn't hurt going in. I exercise after meals to try to stay off of daytime insulin, but with the impending hormone surges, I'm not sure that's going to happen. It's all a matter of what you eat and what your hormones decide to do that day.

The part that is the most difficult for me is the exercise. I am exhausted especially since this week hit. I'm supposed to get up and move (walk, run errands, do something active) for at least 10-15 minutes following every meal to help my blood sugar stay down. I'm pretty religious about this unless there's no way because we have church or an appointment and I can't be more active than walking to and from the car. But, it's hard to get up and move when you just want to take a nap.

I'm doing this for my health and most importantly for my baby's health. It's a choice I've made to do the best I can for my baby because he is so important. Gestational diabetes has real risks, but if you manage it well, the outcomes are great! My numbers are always in a "safe" range which is the most important thing. I'm committed for the best outcome for me and the baby and that's what matters most.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

So What Wednesdays

So What Wednesday
This week, I'm saying So What if...
  • Gestational Diabetes has taken over my life. I have to wake up, test my sugars and ketones, eat breakfast, test 2 hours later, eat a snack, wait 2 hrs, eat lunch, test 2 hrs later, eat a snack, wait 2-3 hrs, eat dinner, test 2 hrs after dinner, eat a bedtime snack, do my insulin shot. 
  • I want a new iHome or iPod player since mine won't play music, but I'm too cheap to buy one. Hence Swagbucks. I'll be earning more to cut the cost in half then use my Target debit card to get an additional 5% off.
  • These third trimester hormones are getting to me. My first two trimesters, it wasn't that bad. I now cry almost daily.
  • Nesting is slowly starting, but it's hard to nest when the baby's room isn't ready. Mother-in-law is working on it, but it's going to take quite a while.
  • I am back to taking naps almost daily. That is, when I can work it in my eating schedule.
  • We started organizing our room and it's on stand-by right now. There's a lot going on and it gets a little overwhelming at times.
  • I want to buy stuff for the baby! People keep telling me not to because I haven't had my shower, but seriously? I need to have the car seat ready and have dreams that I won't have one and he'll come early.
  • Target taunts me with their coupons. I got a 10% off a car seat coupon yesterday when buying my insulin needles from their coupon printer.
  • I miss going to the gym. We've talked about getting a Y membership after he's big enough to go to the child care there so I can get my work-out on and not have to worry about who can watch the baby.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

29 Week Bumpdate!

How Far Along: 29 weeks 2 days

Size of Baby: Acorn Squash!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +24 lbs

Maternity Clothes: Almost exclusively.
Gender: It's a BOY!!!

Movement: Lots! I love watching my belly move every day when he's super active and gets moving.
Sleep: Waking up every 2-3 hours still.

What I Miss: Not having so many aches and pains, but it's worth it!
Cravings: None at the moment.
Symptoms: Same as usual.

Best Moment This Week: Seeing our little boy on the ultrasound last week and having my husband and mother-in-law be able to feel him move.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Update on GD

Trying to get a hang of the Gestational Diabetes diet can be a little difficult. I have to eat so many carbs/proteins at each meal and snack and figure out what does and does not work for my body.

I've been on the diet a little over a week and I'm already on bedtime insulin. My fasting numbers were a little higher than they would like and I had ketones in my urine so that helped make the decision. I'm also supposed to eat more during the day so we'll see how that works out.

I test 4 times per day and write down everything I eat. I'm on an eating schedule and it's important that I'm eating every 2-4 hours during the day so that's been a change. I can't just pick up anything I want to eat from anywhere so I've been packing lunches and snacks if I know I'm going to be out during that time. I also have become a pro at testing my blood sugar while we're out with this week's schedule being a little hectic!

I'm struggling with the insulin pen, but it's only been two days so I figure I'll get it right soon. It seems that not all of the medicine is going in so I might need to push the button harder, but I'm trying and it seems to be working a little.

We had a growth ultrasound and everything looked good! He is measuring in the 22nd percentile so we might just have a little baby on our hands. The doctor said he's probably taking after me since I'm shorter and was a small baby. I have another growth ultrasound in 4 weeks to make sure that he is continuing to grow properly since the risk with GD can be placental problems.

Since I'm on insulin, I will also be having NSTs done twice a week and one of those days I get a BPP to check for amniotic fluid as well. This all starts at 32 weeks and I just head down the street to the hospital. As long as he continues to do well, we will be able to have me carry him up until about 39 weeks per my doctor's recommendation.

Other than that, things are going pretty well and we're working on it.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

28 Week Bumpdate

How Far Along: 28 weeks 2 days

Size of Baby: Eggplant

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +24 lbs...I lost one pound in the past three weeks!

Maternity Clothes: Almost exclusively.
Gender: It's a BOY!!!

Movement: Lots! He's definitely moving around a lot more and is a lot stronger now and I love it.
Sleep: Waking up every 2-3 hours so that's super fun.
What I Miss: Being able to eat a donut.
Cravings: None at the moment.
Symptoms: Same as the usual.

Best Moment This Week: Daily movement and hearing his heartbeat today!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Gestational Diabetes

Monday I found out the dreaded news...I have gestational diabetes (aka GD). I was heartbroken. I had mentally prepared for the news and took it better than I had anticipated, but it was still a pretty hard blow. My numbers at the 3 hour Glucose Tolerance Test went up over the 3 hours instead of down so they gave me the official diagnosis and told me to call the diabetes educator at Sinai who work with the MFM doctors.

I made an appointment for the next day so that I could get my body on track as quickly as possible. I was given a sample menu and told to test my glucose four times per day. She was particularly interested in my fasting number since it was a little high, but not terrible with the test. She suggested I start an oral medication and gave me some handouts and the prescription. I had to start the finger pricks that day after lunch and it was definitely an adjustment.

I went to fill the prescription and was told that there is a 10% chance that I could have an allergic reaction to the medication based on my other allergy. Of course, I didn't want to risk it with being pregnant and the horrible reaction I have with the other drug so the pharmacist called the educator and said he doesn't recommend it for me. Of course, this now means that we need to keep a close eye on my fasting numbers to see if I will need insulin.

The diet isn't too bad so far. I have to count my carbs, protein, fruit, and fat at each meal and snack and make sure I'm balancing everything out. I was also told to exercise for at least 10 minutes after I eat each main meal to keep my sugars low.

My meal plan is as follows:
Breakfast: 2 carbs (30g), 1 protein, 1 milk, 0-1 fat.
Morning Snack: 1 carb (15g), I protein.
Lunch: 2 Carbs, 1 fruit, 1 vegetable, 2 proteins, 1-2 fats.
Afternoon Snack: 1 carb, 1 protein, 1 fruit.
Dinner: 2 carbs, 2 vegetables, 3 proteins, 2 fats, 1 milk.
Evening Snack: 1 carb, 1 protein, 1 milk.

This is my second full day doing the diet so I'm working on figuring out what works best for me and my body since everyone is different. I noticed that if I test after 1 hour, my number is still high and my body is still working on getting it down, but my 2 hour number is right in range. 

I still need to work on my fasting number, but I already found out that ice cream and a cheese stick does not work for me. It yields me a 102 and that's what I had the night before the GTT and last night and I had the same result. When I had a 1/2 pb sandwich and milk, my fasting number was 90!

I have another meeting with the diabetic educator in town on Monday which should give me some more insight and options. They tend to conflict with the information given at Sinai so it will be interesting when I see my doctor Tuesday.  I am hoping to avoid medications and hope they give me a little time to figure out what works for me before they try insulin, but whatever is best for the baby is what will happen.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

So What Wednesday!

So What Wednesday
This week, I'm saying SO WHAT if...
  • I have seriously been a hot mess at least part of every day since Friday. Today I'm feeling better so hopefully that will be the end of that!
  • I freak out when someone tells me that I just need to do (insert thing here) because it's best for the baby. Obviously I'm going to do what is best no matter what.
  • I have gestational diabetes. I just have to figure out how to manage it and everything will be ok. It's not a death sentence and it's getting better now that I'm calmed down. Any tips for snacks or foods?
  • I am so excited my friend is off of work today so I get to hang out with her! I miss spending time with her every week.
  • My new form of exercise after meals is playing Just Dance 3. It's a good workout and better than walking in the heat and humidity!
  • I talk to my baby when I feel him moving around. It's a great feeling and I want to encourage him to keep it up!
  • I don't care what type of birth plan my doctor and I come up with as long as it results in a happy and healthy mom and baby.
  • I'm super boring now that I don't have a job or things to keep me as occupied during the week. It's kinda sad, but so true.

Monday, June 3, 2013

27 Weeks!

How Far Along: 27 weeks 1 day

Size of Baby: Rutabaga

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +25 lbs...according to my scale at home I've maintained the past two weeks!

Maternity Clothes: Almost exclusively.
Gender: It's a BOY!!!

Movement: Lots! He's definitely moving around a lot more and is a lot stronger now and I love it.
Sleep: Waking up every 2-3 hours so that's super fun.
What I Miss: Subway and sleeping in.
Cravings: Watermelon.
Symptoms: Back and hip pain mostly.

Best Moment This Week: Daily movement!