Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekly To-Do/Goal List

Now that things have settled down around here a bit, I think it's time to set up a weekly to-do/goal list. My friend Kerri does the same sort of thing each week and it's nice to see what other people's goals are and what they were actually able to get accomplished.

This Week's Goals
- Be more active. Go for a walk, workout, just do something that gets me moving more.
- Keep the living room picked up.
-Sweep and mop the living room/kitchen/dining room daily.
- Cut back on sweets. The past two weeks have been crazy and I've had more than I should.
- Read my Bible three times this week. This is always super hard for me and I have no idea why.
Some of these goals are easier than others, but these are some of the things I want to start working on right now and expand on them. I'm starting with a few and working my way up.
Are there any specific goals you have in mind for the week?

Monday, August 4, 2014

Helicopter Parent?

I always thought I would be one of those parents who hovered over their children. You know the ones that are right there next to their child making sure that they are constantly happy and safe. Sure, they want their children to succeed, but they want to be part of that process and it can be a little overwhelming for everyone.

I'm not sure why I thought this because as a former nanny and teacher, I didn't hover. I was there when I was needed, but I also took a step back to let them try and figure it out for themselves while still being available. Maybe it's because my parents hovered to a certain extent that I thought I would helicopter over my children?

The reality, however, is totally different and I love it. My little boy is an independent player. He likes to crawl away from me, explore, figure out new things, and come back for the occasional snuggle or "good job!" He's a ball of energy most days and still needs me for a lot  (see: still doesn't like to feed himself, but he's getting better). He's a pretty good listener with sayings like "no touch!" and "let's go!" and that makes me super happy.

I love that I am his safe person when he's not feeling well or when we're out and he's overwhelmed with new people. Stranger danger is real, people and my little man is in full swing with not liking to be around crowds or people he doesn't know. I'm thinking his party this weekend will be super fun!

Either way, when I look at how we are parenting and the little boy we are molding and shaping with our decisions, I think we're doing ok. He's learning and thriving and that's what matters most of all.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Time Flies

Tonight as I sat with my little boy in the rocking chair of his room, I realized how fast this past year has gone by. Many people say that they want their babies to stay little forever and I'm just not one of those people, but today was different. Today I looked at my little boy who was snuggling with me and realized that he won't always want to cuddle up with his mom. One day he'll grow up, get married, and have a life of his own and he will want to snuggle up with a different woman and that's ok. That's how God designed it, but tonight, he's my little boy and I don't have to give him up for a long time. I'm going to cherish the rare snuggles and extra hugs I get from him and know that for a while at least, I'm the #1 woman in his life. I love my little boy even on the hard days and I'm so thankful that he's mine. It's been a great almost year and I'm soaking up every last minute before he turns 1 year old this Saturday.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Fit Fridays {Week 1}

It's that time again! Time to really work on being fit and healthy. I can't believe it's been almost two years since I was really dedicated to working out and eating right. Gosh, that sounds horrible, but here I am ready and willing to work hard.

I'm not going to lie. I've been lazy and super lax on my diet. I've eaten what I want, when I've wanted and have had to talk myself off of the ledge from eating ice cream all day long on more than one occasion, but that's all going to stop. I can still have ice cream, just in moderation and proper portion sizes. I would like to try to not count calories this time around, but we'll see how that goes.

My motivation is simple: I need to lose weight and get healthy so that my blood sugar doesn't end up too high. Yes, I've been checking my fasting numbers lately and they've been higher than I like which puts me in the *gulp* pre-diabetic category. That's about all the motivation I need since having gestational diabetes so here I am ready and willing to work hard and see where this gets me.

I've ordered a few crucial things (namely, a scale that works) and I've been working out for about a week already so it's mainly continuing that and changing my diet hard-core. I'm big into moderation and not giving up on any given food unless I have to. I guess we'll just jump on the bandwagon and see how this goes!

Here are my starting stats:
Weight: 214.6
Waist: TBD*
Hips: TBD*

*I'll be measuring tomorrow morning.
I would honestly love any and all encouragement along the way that I can get. Realizing that I'm at this starting place with my weight and fasting blood sugar is very sobering. I need to get healthy for myself and to set a good example for my family. Any tips?