Sunday, March 29, 2009

Back Home

The boyfriend and I had a great trip to California and are now back home! It was definitely a nice vacation, but nothing like coming home to the normalcy that I love.

I am happy to report that another vacation has been scheduled already! This one is going to be in August and the boyfriend, his parents, and I are travelling in their camper-trailer to Florida so that we can go to DisneyWorld!!! On the way back, we are stopping by the Outer Banks in North Carolina to go to the beach! I'm uber excited about this.

And there is one more exciting thing...I now have a Wii and a Wii fit that I absolutely love! Once again, major thanks to the boyfriend for totally pitching in for my birthday (as if he hasn't already done enough, I know ;). Because of my new Wii fit I worked out for 45 minutes yesterday!!! Surprisingly I was sore today too! I also did a little this morning before church and am going to do some tonight before I go to bed. And the boyfriend and I are eating better with more meals at home, less eating out. Can I get a heck yes for weight loss and getting healthy?!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

What goes up must come down

This seems to be my hope at the moment. Ah, well not really, but it's fun to be overdramatic...don't you think? lol. Anywho, life happened again and I have to move by the end of April. It's normal in my life, sucks, but normal just the same.

On a better note, because of everything going on I filled my boyfriend's mom into my life thus far and she was incredibly receptive. I love him and his family so much and am incredibly thankful that they are so supportive and loving. I've definitely got it made on that front.

My job is going well. Difficult at times, but going well all the same. I get a lot done and the kids like me, depite the attitude issues...that's normal, right? Of course it is!

Only two weeks until we go to California :) Oh, it makes me so giddy to be able to visit and especially with the boyfriend. It will be so great to have him see where I grew up.

That's all for now. The boyfriend should be home any minute now :)