Sunday, January 8, 2012

Moderation is the Key

Everything in moderation. That's what I'm aiming for this year. I've tried eating gluten-free and reducing my dairy, but when they told me to also avoid all things containing corn...that's where I realized that it had to stop.

The reality is that the only thing I would be "allowed" to eat would be meat, fruit, and veggies. Most other things wouldn't work except for rice. Knowing how my body works, I've realized that this is not something that I could do.

Moderation is still allowing myself to eat some of the foods that I like with adding more foods that are anti-inflammatory.

Basically it makes me feel better to not have so many restrictions. The chiropractor was always telling me to eat bread if I wanted, but just not to do it all the time. I need to make sure to make better choices overall, but a sandwich won't kill me. I'm not allergic to gluten, corn, or dairy...they just are more inflammatory.

Moderation is what I'm striving for. I hope to be able to make it work and make better choices overall.

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