Saturday, November 29, 2008

Is it really too much to ask?

Everything went well when I told my employers that I would like to move to Maryland and pursue new opportunities out there. It was really a great to be able to get that off of my chest and to have it be so positive!

I met with the agency today. It makes me very comfortable to be able to work with professionals who will refer me to their clients and have my interests at heart. They help with taxes, getting benefits as an individual, and giving papers with helpful questions and information to pick the right family. When I asked what the average salary I was told between $12-$15/hour. Ok, I thought, not so bad. This gives me a good reference of what I should charge, a question that I often struggle with.

I have been interviewing with a couple of families so far. I was offered a position last week in D.C. with a great family. Unfortunately I got one of my "feelings" that it wasn't right so I declined that offer. There was another family last weekend that was met with, but you couldn't pay me enough to work for this woman! She made me feel as though I was not good enough for her and her child. She also said she doesn't believe in discipline, and boy you could tell with her two year old! This brings me to the first family that the agency has referred me to. A position not far from the boyfriend (!). I have an interview with them tomorrow morning. The stats: twin one-month old babies and a three year old little girl. It's definitely a lot of work, but who says I'm not up for a challenge? The question, how much should I ask for?

I am constantly second guessing the salary question because I have been underpaid for many positions because I will not stand my ground with how much I am worth. Today someone emailed me about a position for 50 hours/week for two children both under 3 years. They asked what I charge and because I looked up the information from where you can put in a zip code, years of experience, and the number of children and it gives you a rate. It said $14/hr so when I emailed her back I let her know I wanted $13-$15/hr. I even called my mom who said I was not over-charging especially since the agency and website both gave similar rates. For the record, being a nanny you do not get time and a half for overtime, just a basic, flat rate for all of the hours worked. Well, to my surprise the woman emailed me back saying that she is willing to offer $350/week to watch her two children from 7am-5pm M-F. Ummm....say what?

Am I going crazy here? I could have sworn that $7/hr is insulting for someone who is watching your two children for 50 hours a week! Apparently I should be able to live off of that salary, you know with having to rent some place to accept that job. Ya, sure.

What are your thoughts?

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