Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Better days

This past weekend was our "meet-a-versary." We met on June 6, 2008 at a National's game and decided to do the exact same thing this year on the exact same day. We both had the Friday before off and went to Virginia to stay with some friends for the weekend as we had a baby shower/going away party on Sunday too. We had a great morning/early afternoon on Saturday as we went to Fredericksburg and had lunch at Cheeseburgers in Paradise. It was so great and we had a lot of fun. Good thing too because that evening totally sucked. It really wasn't our fault, but nonetheless it did. We've also been having some rough days lately with lack of sleep and job stress on both parts.

Today is a better day...MUCH better day! Phil and I both got some much needed sleep and he's had a couple of extra days off this week so today is the best ever, just in time for our anniversary tomorrow :) Right now he's running around "preparing" for tomorrow and I'm super excited. The effort he has put in and his happiness is so great!

Also, we are going to sign up for the gym tonight so we can go together. They have a summer special that is amazing and we are going to sign up for it. Phil did it a couple of years ago and went often. My hope is to go many times during the week while the kids are in camp since I have a "split shift" at work and have three hours off in the morning each day. Maybe going with him will be the motivation I need! The only time I did well at the gym was when I was on the Tyra Banks show with my sister and that was short-lived. Oh well, here's to trying again...and better days!

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