Monday, July 20, 2009

Are you ready?

It's frustrating to watch someone you love going through something so difficult and all you can do is stand back, pray, and hope for the best. It's amazing how we can be so ready for change, but not ready enough to make the changes happen. I know I've been like that many times in my life with weight loss, going back to school, getting out of debt, and leaving unhealthy relationships behind. Sometimes it took that extra push from someone I love to help me make the change and sometimes it was something I had to do all on my own. With the weight loss, Phil had to sit me down and tell me that it was something I needed to do. No, he wasn't calling me fat, but he didn't like to sit around and see me get depressed about my weight all the time. Finally, he told me that we needed to do something together. At that point I honestly looked him in the eyes and said that I did not want to put in the effort to work out and eat better. It was just not what I was going to do...or so I thought.

Later that night we prayed about a lot of things. He told me that other people were commenting on my unhealthy habits and he could see that I was not happy being how I was. The next day, I decided that it was do or die time. I stopped giving excuses and started by eating better one thing at a time. I chose moderation with foods I like and incorporated more fruits and veggies. We also got a gym membership as a student special for the summer and started working out. The first two weeks were great. We went about four days each week and I played softball on Sundays. The last couple of weeks has been a little harder. I've been exhausted from the new work schedule, but we still managed to make it two or three times each week with softball on Sundays. We are looking into continuing the membership after the summer is over so that the good habits will be able to continue and not just end because it's the summer.

I know this all seems trivial, but it really isn't. No one is really ready for change until they go through the hard, real emotions of it all and are going to do everything it takes to make that change happen. You must first realize the situation you are in and know that you deserve better, want better, and are going to go through the good and bad to get there. It will get better, it just takes time. Everyone deserves a second start, what about you?

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