Friday, March 11, 2011

Learning to Become More Domestic

I am a big advocate for having "roles" in the house. My husband has certain duties and I have certain duties. Of course, they are interchangeable at any time, but it just keeps things flowing nicely. In order to get into a routine and for us to really feel settled I am working on a couple of things to make things run smoothly.

We used to do all of our laundry at his parent's house. Now that we are married (and he no longer lives there) we get to do our laundry on our own. I attempted to use the facilities that our apartment complex provides here, but that was a big, fat hassle! Not only do I have to find one of the two laundry rooms that have the special machine to load up our laundry card, but I then have to hope that one of the three machines are available. 
My solution: to find a laundromat in the area that is decently priced.

Grocery Shopping
I have to admit that I am terrible at making a running list. I will literally make a list the day we go to the store and will likely forget things and have to run out again a couple of days later. I am also notorious for buying too much of a couple of things thinking we ran out when we already have so much of it. Shredded cheese is my biggest culprit. 
My solution: Making a list of EVERY food item in the house. This includes how many of each specific item we have. The goal is to make a spreadsheet and update it weekly before we go to the grocery store. It will tell me what we already have, what we need, and how much of it we need. I will probably progress into how much we spend on the items over time, but for now...we'll stick to the basics.

These are my "big projects" for this week. Does anyone have any more suggestions?

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Tristan said...

hahaha...terrible at keeping a running list??

So..i do write stuff on a list as we run out of it.
and then i make a menu plan!