Thursday, September 4, 2014

Finding Myself

In the midst of moving in with my in-laws, getting pregnant, and being a mom to an active little boy the past year I really felt like I had lost myself. There wasn't a lot of time to do things for myself or just because. Someone always needed something and when I did have some time to myself all I wanted to do was lie around and relax. I didn't like feeling like I didn't know who I was becoming so I decided to change that.

This past week I've taken up one of my hobbies again...sewing. Before Matthew was in the picture, I sewed and sometimes I sewed a lot. I went to craft shows and was a vendor, I did custom orders, and was always thinking of the next project that could be done. I loved it, but once we were living with my in-laws and our space was limited, all of that changed. I had a couple of orders to complete, but for the most part, I haven't done much sewing in over a year.

I have a whole large bookshelf filled with fabric in the sewing room and it's just there. I decided that I need to start working on projects again and I've already finished a few projects this weekend! I'm currently working on Matthew's Halloween costume that will be done this week and finished some "unpaper towels" to make kitchen clean up faster and more cost-effective.

Since sewing, I've noticed my mood has increased and I've been much more productive in general. Matthew usually plays while I sew and will come over for a hug and I can keep an eye on him from the dining room where I set up the machine. He loves playing independently and this way we both get what we want and are happier.

I'm really happy that I took this step and decided to do something for me. Having something for myself has been such a good thing and the whole family is benefitting from it.

What do you when you want to feel more like yourself?

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lori said...

I have felt this way recently myself... I think because as moms so much of our time is spent taking care of little ones (and husbands) that when it comes time for us, we're tired! I've been trying to make time to read a little more lately and I really enjoy that. I also enjoy sewing and will hopefully get a machine for Christmas so I can work on some small projects at home! You should post tutorials for the things you make ;)