Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

This holiday weekend was amazing for our little family. We had the best Saturday we have had in months and it felt good to just hang out and not have too many stressors.

Friday night Phil and I had a date night! We hired a sitter to come over for a couple of hours while Matthew was in bed for the night and we went out for a casual dinner and to Joann's to get some fabric for a project I wanted to work on. It was nice to get out just the two of us and we didn't have to worry about our little guy not liking the sitter!

Saturday we hung out around the house. Matthew played and did his own little thing, Phil got some chores done, and I mowed the lawn and made some unpaper towels. Did I mention that we got a tractor?! That made mowing the lawn so much easier and saved a lot of time.

Sunday morning Matthew decided he would not nap at all so we stayed home until it was time to visit Phil's parents at the campground they went to for the weekend. We had lunch, tried to take a cranky baby swimming, did a Target run, and came home for the night where Matthew slept through the night!

Since it's a holiday weekend, Monday we were able to get some things done and just spend some time around the house mostly.

I love that we are becoming homebodies and not feeling the need to leave the house and be out just because. I want to start incorporating fun things as a family once a month or so where we go out and do something new, but for now, I'm loving where we're at. I've got bread rising and waiting to be put in the oven, the baby is sleeping, and my husband is cleaning up the kitchen. Life is good.

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