Monday, April 27, 2015

Weekly To-Do List

I've been inspired by my friend, Kerri, to write down and see what my weekly goals are. It's something that I often want to do, but really don't actually get done. So, without further adieu...

This Week
-Finish pressing and sewing baby girl's quilt blocks (at least to the half-way pinwheel part).
-Keep up with cloth diaper laundry (mainly putting it away after it's dried).
-Make a meal plan and use it.
-Make the bed at least two days this week (seriously, I don't make the bed EVER unless I change the sheets).
-Eat more protein. (I've slacked the past couple of days and need to really get on it per the doctor's request).

It's not much, but I want to start with something small and not overwhelm myself. I'm pretty excited to actually have a to-do list and try to get some things done!

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