Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekly To-Do List

Here's my list (one day late) for this week and last week's list and how I did.

Last Week
 -Clean the floors. Pretty sure I did this Monday of last week. I also vacuumed and swept another day as well, but didn't get around to mopping again.
-Clean the bathrooms. I did the tub, shower, mirrors in both bathrooms and the vanity in another as well. Toilets still need to be done.
-Wipe kitchen countertops and dining room table. Monday!
-Put away the clean laundry. My mil and husband helped with this, but it's all put away except for one towel load and one blanket load which I plan on doing this morning.
-Make the bed at least 2 times. I think I made the bed almost every day last week! My husband does weekend duty, but I know I did more than 2 days!
-Do 1 load of laundry start to finish each day. Since we were SO behind on laundry, I enlisted my mil to help get us caught up so last Thursday we tackled everything except for a load of clothes, towels, and blankets (which we did this weekend)! And yesterday we started the 1 load of laundry start to finish so we shouldn't get so far behind.

This Week
-Keep up with laundry.
-Clean floors.
-Start prepping baby girl's clothes. (I want to have everything done by mid-June)
-Call insurance company (Ugh. I hate doing that, but it has to be done and I've been calling them a lot lately).
-Work on puzzles with Matthew.

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Kerri W. said...

Awesome job this past week! Housework sometimes hurts my soul, but it feels good to get it out of the way (especially love the idea of doing much of it on Monday).

I hear you on calling insurance…barf…I have a couple calls that I've been needing to make for a while now and I keep putting it off. Hurrah, procrastination! ;)

Good luck this week!