Tuesday, September 9, 2008


It is no secret that my job is both difficult and rewarding....let's face it, I'm a nanny. But sometimes things are more one way than the other. Right now it's a little more difficult. Normally I am able to handle many situations and have been called "Supernanny" from time to time by both my previous and current bosses, but sometimes things are a little more beyond my control.

I am having a particularly difficult time in many areas right now. It's not uncommon to go through "phases" with kids, but what about the unit as a whole? I find my patience has been diminishing greatly and no matter how hard I try I'm becoming more apathetic in general. Unfortunately this tends to affect my relationship.

I am in a relationship with seriously the best boyfriend ever! I am incredibly lucky to have him and thank God everyday for placing him in my life. The downside, other than the distance, is that when I'm down about something it consumes me which means I bring it into the relationship. He's a wonderful man and lets me go on and on as much as I like, but ultimately it is draining him as well as me. I think I need a new approach.

I have been thinking about this a lot today. There are many things that I can not change, but some things I can. I am a strong believer on the thought that you choose your attitude positive or negative. Clearly, I am choosing to let stress and other things take control instead of giving it up to God and letting him take control. This may be incredibly hard to do, but I value my relationship way more than letting this consume me and tear it down.

My boyfriend is so incredibly amazing and supportive! I am determined to do the right thing and change my outlook to see the positives! God is good and I just need to trust Him to get me through this!

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