Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Fun

Ok, so it's not exactly a secret that I look forward to the end of the work week to start off the weekend. I mean, seriously, after working a 50+ hour week with two boys ages five and two I really look forward to spending some time with the boyfriend!

I think the distance makes it all the better. Ya, it sucks being three hours away and only being able to have phone/im conversations throughout the week, but the weekends make it totally worth it. He's an amazing guy and I really am lucky!

This weekend I am estatic to go see him mainly because I have his birthday present all wrapped up and ready to give him! I am one of those people who love to do things for other people and when I get a present for someone there is this need to give it to them asap so that they can enjoy it. Plus, I kind of have this problem of not being able to keep the surprise to myself and tend to blurt it out...oops. Luckily, my boyfriend loves me for all my flaws and actually finds it cute and I'm sure somewhat amusing...huh.

I also baked cupcakes for the occasion! I know he and his dad love it when I bring up cookies, cupcakes, and things like that so I get really excited to do that as well! Serioulsy, this makes me entirely too happy :)

On Fridays I literally count down the hours and minutes before I can leave. It's this feeling that I want to get out and start with the fun! Not that my job isn't fun, I just really miss the boyfriend after a week apart! Aside from that the little one is going through "terrible two's" and sounds like a veloci-raptor everytime he screams. Oh the joys of *almost* parenting.

I have been pretty much ready to go now for about an hour and a half with everything packed waiting until my shift is over. Can you say anxious much lately? Ah well, twenty one more minutes until my weekend freedom, that is, unless my bosses are feeling gracious to let me off just a little early...please?

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Eggie Lynn said...

haha, i know! you went out there for me! i miss you and now i have a way to read about your life!