Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Oh the drama

Being a nanny is definitely an interesting job. It is not one that I ever thought to have, but happened all the same. This being said, watching 3 kids with different interests can be a little challenging. What I can say is that last week hanging out with the youngest (who is 4) was so much fun. The two older girls were with their grandparents in another state and it was such a nice change. This week is a full 50 hour week with all 3 kids; on top of that I am battling a cold and so is the oldest child.

I came into work today to find out the youngest has a play date that we are supposed to drop him off at. This was definitely a good thing because that means that the girls and I can go home, watch a movie, and get the laundry started as requested. Unfortunately, that did not happen. As soon as we got there and the middle girl saw the blow-up pool set up, she set out to try to stick her feet in (crocs and all). I quickly stopped her because I didn't want my car to get all wet and said we needed to get going. The play-date's mom then offered for her to jump in with her clothes on. What??? I don't think so! Luckily, said child decided that she did not want her clothes wet.

Thinking we were spared any further damage or requests I mentioned that we had to go, but noooo, the play-date's mom asked the middle child if she wanted to borrow a swim suit insuring that she had one in her size. Before I could protest the child was excited and the mom ran her inside to change her into the swimsuit. I was now stuck there, at the play-date in the heat, with the oldest child and play-date mom...awkward.

It wouldn't have been so bad except that I have this cold that causes my head to spin, nose to either be stuffy or run, and feel really exhausted. Plus, you add in the heat and humidity and I melt (physically and emotionally). I do not deal well with heat and humidity....seriously. On top of that, the oldest child is a talker. So much so, that she told the play-date mom all about her life story: how her great-grandma died when she was 5, that her dad's side of the family has a long life-span, her grandma has pnemonia, she once had pnemonia, she now has a cold, etc, etc, etc...

Instead of a relaxing morning, I was stuck there for 2 1/2 hours. Way too long for comfort. I had not eaten breakfast and just wanted to chill while the girls watched a movie and the laundry was started. I now look forward to going home, eating dinner, and vegging all night because I can't go to the gym if I can't breathe well out of my nose.

*Oh, and isn't it amazing that the oldest child can be soooo sick, need tylenol, and complains all flippin day about how bad they feel, but can be ok enough to go to a friend's house and when I say resting and driking plenty of fluids is better tries to say that she wanted to go outside and practice field hockey with said friend....ya, i don't think so.

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