Thursday, August 27, 2009


Over the past few years my life has been thrown through more loops than I can imagine. I am really at a great place and it took a lot of time and perserverance to get where I am today. Looking back there are so many things that I should have done differently. I hurt my family and that is something that haunts me every day. There is nothing I want more than to mend things with my family and to be apart of their lives.

Throughout these years I have been fighting to regain the trust that was lost and it has been at a standstill. The only difference is that I am on good terms with my dad. My sister contacted me and said she wants me apart of her life, but my step-mom said that I'm not a good influence. This is by far the most hurtful thing I have had to deal with. I have completely turned my life around since everything happened seven years ago. I am a regular church attender and for a while worked with the youth ministries. I am a nanny and am a role model every day for the three kids that are in my care. I have gone back to school and will graduate with a Bachelor's degree in January! I have a great, Christian boyfriend that my dad approves of. I pay my bills, have my own apartment, make good decisions, and really care about others around me.

My dad has expressed nothing more than that he wants me to be apart of the family again, but there is no way that my step-mom is ready yet. I just wish she would get to know me so that she can see the person I have become and all of the many accomplishments that I've achieved.

I can only pray and in faith know that God will turn this situation around. Please keep me in your prayers too.

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