Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What I thought was a "wasted trip"

Yesterday was a great day. On Friday I found out I unexpectedly got it off and it just so happened to coincide with Phil's day off! Nevertheless, I was super excited. We started our day by heading down to Rockville. It's about an hour drive to get there, but I really wanted to check out World Market and see if I could find the throw pillows that were on their website there. It was a fantastic store, but we couldn't find the pillows for the couch and the utensils looked a little funny so we decided to trek on over to Ikea.

Ikea was only 10.5 more miles or so down the road (because when you live where I do all of the ridiculously great stores seem to be an hour away) and we headed there. Phil had never been to Ikea *i know, right?*and we went up the the restaurant/cafeteria there and had lunch. He was shocked that we could both have penne pasta for lunch for under $10 and that it tasted that good! Of course, I was super excited to be at Ikea--they have so many cool things at great prices. We finally found the throw pillows and couldn't find one to go with the couch, again so we went to look at new slip covers for the couch. When we got there we found out that most of the slip covers were $49 unless you wanted a super rough white one for $19.

I have been talking about getting a new couch for a while now, but it was more of a "distant" reality so to speak, but when I thought about how much the slip cover and two throw pillows would cost the though of investing close to $100 in a couch I wanted to replace seemed like a horrible idea when I could use the money for a new couch. At first, Phil was not on board with the new couch idea. After driving back home I asked if we could look at one of the furniture stores in town and we discussed the couch thing again.

It's not like the couch I have now is horrible, it's just that I really am finding my own style, am 25 years old, and really want to have things that feel like they "fit." The couch I have now is a basic one from Ikea with a dark blue slipcover. One of my best friends gave it to me when they got a new one and I gladly accepted it. I just thought it was time for a new couch and my reasons were definitely valid.

Off to three different furniture stores we went. The first one had an ugly green one that was comfy, but ugly and it kind of looked funny. The price tag: $399. I really didn't want to spend that much and especially not on something that was not our style at all. We went to Gardiner's next and saw a bunch of things we liked for a heck of a lot more money. It was a little discouraging. On the way out and to our third store, Phil made me promise that we wouldn't get anything today. He wanted to really look around and make an informed decision. I told him I had no intention of buying today and want to look all over to find the perfect couch at a perfect price. To me, this price was $300 or less. I knew it would take some searching and was up for it, but I made him pinky promise that if we found something super fantastic that we could not pass up then that's a different story. He agreed.

On to Gardiner's we went. The first thing that the lady in the store told us was that they had two sofas on sale and that today was the last day. The first was a cream color one that was on sale for $299 and is in the back. The second was a green one for $399 in the front. We looked around and headed straight for the back. The couch we wanted was cream or light beige in color, soft, plush pillows, and super comfy. On the way back, Phil even said that he didn't expect much and wanted to see what was wrong with this couch that they put it on sale for $299.

Much to our surprise we went back and saw this:

Needless to say it is perfect! We pick it up on Saturday and may have difficulty rearranging the living room and getting it in the door, but we're determined to make it work. We both love it and finding something that we both love is...well...super difficult. I am seriously thanking God for the wonderful couch that we found on a total whim! Now, for making it fit...

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