Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's All About Perspective

In life things happen. Good things, bad things, weird name it, it can happen, but what I'm learning is that it's all about perspective.

Take Friday, for example. I woke up in a fantastic mood, ready to go about my day. As I was about to leave to go to work I noticed that something was different and that someone had, in fact, broken into my car! There was no damage and nothing was stolen.

In that moment I was not angry, but thankful. Thankful that I have a job with caring people who are understanding. Thankful that I have a fiance who is willing to let me call him at work and listen to me when I need it. Thankful that his parents are out here and are so helpful and supportive.

My car situation led to my alarm getting fixed (after months of it being broken) and the decision to get all of the doors working to be able to be locked with the alarm system (I had manual locks). It ended up being a blessing in disguise.

In life things happen and sometimes they can't be controlled, but it's all about how you view the situation and handle yourself. I think that I do a much better job at this now than I used to, but there are plenty of times where I do not handle myself well and let my emotions get the best of me.

Marriage fellowship tonight hit home to me. It's about trading places with your spouse (or soon-to-be) and being empathetic to their needs. It's about perspective and not assuming the worst possible thing and choosing to listen to them and try to understand where they are coming from and why. It's about love and what that really means and being their best friend.

I have a lot to work on when it comes to this, but I'm going to try to put things in perspective more often and think about how much it really matters in the grand scheme of things.

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