Monday, February 21, 2011


This is how I've been feeling since Friday of last week. I have been in pretty good spirits, but the weather changed very quickly and my allergies came in full force and triggered my asthma. Fun times. The doctor was able to see me last Friday when I told them that my wedding is in a week and I can't be having all of these issues. They were fantastic and I am so thankful that they could squeeze me in last minute.

The prescriptions they gave me are working well and the allergies are under control. There is only one problem now...

My cough. I have this dry, barking cough that hurts my chest so much. I have tried ginger root tea, silver tablets, Emergen-C, Chloraseptic spray, Tylenol Sinus (day and night) and nothing has worked for more than a few minutes! My inhaler works to open up the airways, but the cough is persistent.

The wedding is in 5 short days and I really can't be coughing up a lung at the altar. Any suggestions? Please tell me what works and will stop this cough! The doctor is supposed to call in another prescription in the morning, but it can be difficult to fall asleep.

Other than that, things are going really well! We're having a good time with my sister in town and we're just finishing up the final touches.


Tristan said... when i was sick and NOTHING the bomb,,no joke!!!

FIVE days!!!! PRAYERS coming your way.

and..there better be TONS of pics after the

Tristan said...

hello :) my blog is going private and i would love for you to still be able to read!

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