Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sometimes and Always #1

Sometimes...I like to plan things waaaay in advance because it makes me feel in control.
Always...It gets done quickly and makes me more of a sane person.

Sometimes...I try to make a menu plan for the week to make things easier.
Always...I end up doing something completely different based on what I want to eat that day.

Sometimes...I make a list for the store and tell myself I'm going to stick with it and only buy what's on the list.
Always...I find other things that I forgot to put on the list and buy half the store!

Sometimes...I think I'll get up early and reorganize our cluttered apartment.
Always...I end up doing a little bit, running errands, and on the internet.


lori said...

so, i can relate to EVERY one of these... so much that i could've written this myself.

i am about to head out for grocery shopping... i won't stick to my list. guaranteed.

Alyssa said...

Every time I tell myself that I'm gonna get up early, I turn my alarm off and go back to bed haha. I really should work on that!