Monday, October 21, 2013

That Mom

I'm that mom who...
  • Has a baby with reflux. Yes, this means he might vomit while we're out and we might have to change his clothes on the restaurant table. You might see us giving him his medicine so that he's more comfortable and you might see him being super fussy and crying because he hurts.
  • Will do everything I can do get my baby to not "bother" others in public. Sure, he's upset, but I'll try to make it so that he doesn't scream forever without trying to do anything about it. One thing though, he's a baby and sometimes babies cry and there's nothing you can do about it.
  • Likes routines and schedules. Yes, this means scheduling my ten week old, but it's more of a flexible schedule where we can make changes as necessary. My son loves routine and so does his momma.
  • Puts on a clean onesie after bath time at the end of the night and doesn't always change his outfit the next morning. Gasp! I know, right?! He's clean and happy and if we're just hanging around the house, it works out perfectly.
  • Baby wears at church. It works for us and since the pediatrician said not to put him in the nursery until three months, we're holding off.
  • Picks and chooses which vaccines are best for my child. Of course, I do this with my pediatrician's recommendations, but with my history of skin reactions, we're lucky we've chosen to vaccinate at all! It's something I struggled with, but after talking to his doctor, feel like we're making the best decision for him.
  • Let's my baby cry it out. After one time of going to put in his paci every couple of minutes for a while, I knew something had to give. I let him fuss/cry for no longer than five minutes at a time (as long as all of his needs are met) and you know what? He falls asleep! Now, he doesn't even need us to go in most of the time and I'm so proud of him.
  • Binge eats because my baby cries so much. It's getting better now that his tummy is doing better, but it's something that I seriously need to work on.
  • Doesn't think I need to apologize for my parenting style. My husband and I agree with everything 100%  and we do what works for us. Of course, it's constantly changing, but we're doing our best and that's all that matters.
What kind of mom are you?

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Vanessa Miller said...

I'm a cry it out kind of Mom. I don't care I'd people think its mean, it works! Also love routines.