Friday, October 18, 2013

The Past Two Weeks

It's been a rough seven weeks around here. 

Here's a recap of the past two weeks...
  • The hernia surgery was successful and they found another small hernia on the opposite side so they decided to take care of it so we wouldn't have to come back again. 
  • Matthew was kept overnight at the hospital following the surgery and it was rough. Once the anesthesia wore off, he screamed all night unless he was on his momma. Sweet? Yes, but very exhausting.
  • The pain medication they gave him in the hospital made him constipated. Prune juice hurts his tummy and Karo only worked if we put it in every.single.bottle. That's a lot of corn syrup over time, so we're happy that's fixed. 
  • Oh, and he temporarily lost the ability to poop on his own. Fun times. He just got it back yesterday and I couldn't be happier to not have to help him out.
  • His reflux got worse again in addition to having some major tummy troubles so we were sent to a GI Specialist.
  • We were told to try Elecare, a $45 per can (that's tiny), hypoallergenic formula. And...he threw it all up within the first two ounces. Clearly, he has issues with hypoallergenic formulas as this is the second one he's had a reaction to.
  • The GI Specialist was wonderful and has us taking Matthew off of the soy formula and putting him on Gerber Good Start Soothe. They were able to give us free samples to try and it just so happens to be on sale at Target this week! She said he doesn't have a milk allergy and the whey protein is easier to digest, plus it has a probiotic in it to help with his tummy troubles. It will take 5-7 days for it to take full effect and have the soy be completely out of his system.
  • The Gerber formula is the 7th formula we've tried. I am desperately praying it works for him. 


Amber in South Carolina said...

Poor little guy!!! I'm so sorry you guys have had a rough go of it. I'm praying that soon things will calm down and you can take a break from doctors!

Amber in South Carolina said...
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