Thursday, April 17, 2014


Can I just brag on my kid for a few minutes? I mean, seriously, he has been such an amazing little boy for THREE days straight! Sure, he has moments of fussiness, but he has been able to play by himself and with us happily for long periods of time. It really feels like we might be having a breakthrough here!

Yesterday I even took him to the doctor to get his ears and teeth checked out. He was crying and fussing while eating a bottle and barely drank any formula yesterday. It was sad and all I could do was just try to give him more solids to help make his belly full. He was such a trooper though and was so good at the doctor's office.

We had to wait twenty minutes to be called back and he either sat on my lap or the chair next to me and smiled at other people and played. No fussing, no crying. It was monumental!

Then we had to wait another twenty minutes in the exam room for the doctor and he sat, played with the paper on the table, and entertained himself! I couldn't believe how awesome he was being. The best part was that he seriously had only napped 20 minutes a couple of hours before that so I knew he was tired. He just behaved so well.
It's been a rollercoaster with our little guy for his entire life so I'm really praying we're on the up-swing. He really is such a great kid and sweet boy and I want him to be happy and feel well. It's been a rough eight months, but our little man is having some really good days lately and I love it.

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Vanessa Miller said...

I'm glad to hear he his doing better. There is nothing sweeter than a happy baby!