Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

Yesterday we celebrated our little man's first Easter. It was fun and exciting to read him the Easter story from his baby Bible the couple of days leading up to it and to explain to him what Easter is. I know he doesn't understand it yet, but I think it's important that we are consistent with sharing these things with him over the years.

We started the day off by taking Easter pictures. I had tried to get some earlier in the month, but we didn't have the right lighting. This one is my favorite.

He did a great job posing for the camera and giving us lots of awesome faces along the way. After his Easter pictures, we gave him his Easter basket and took some more.

He loved his Easter basket and all of the goodies that were inside of it. We had fun just sitting there watching him play with the eggs and all of his new stuff.

After our morning of fun, we went to church and he did such a good job in the nursery! Lately, it's been very touch and go and I would get called back every week, but not yesterday! This is the second time at this church he's done this so I think we might be trying it out again to see how he does a third time.

This year we decided to host Easter dinner at our house. In my husband's family, they don't do anything for Easter except for go to church and carry on with the rest of their day as usual. I find that odd so we had them over. It was stressful preparing for it, but was great once everyone was here and I had a little bit of wine!

We tried to finish off our evening with a walk around the neighborhood, but Matthew was not having it. He was super tired, but didn't want to nap so we decided that since bedtime would be approaching soon, we should go back home, give him a bath, and start his bedtime routine.

How did everyone else spend their Easter Sunday?

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