Wednesday, April 2, 2014

So What Wednesday

SO WHAT if everything seems to be changing for our family. It's life and that's what happens, things constantly change!

If you know me, you know that I am constantly evaluating, learning, and trying to change things up so that they are more efficient, cost-effective, easier, or makes more sense. This week's big change was put into effect this morning. We're back to using cloth diapers!

I feel so spoiled using disposables for the past 6 months, but to be honest, we got a ton from Phil's dad and it was so much easier while we were living there to use disposables. My in-laws weren't too keen on changing a cloth diaper, although my mother-in-law will, it's just so much easier since they don't have to relearn anything...yet! I'm sure that will change today when we see her!

Admittedly, using cloth diapers was something I once loved, but now makes me nervous. We have a front-loading HE washing machine and I know that can present challenges with washing diapers, but that it can be done! My husband really wanted the front-loaders and so did I for all of the money saving (plus they look pretty cool!). I'm also a little nervous about this changing our schedule and being out. Disposables are easier while out and I'm sure I'll keep them in the bag for the church workers at least.

One thing is for sure that I love how colorful and fun cloth diapers look! They may make his bum a little bigger in pants (ok, a lot bigger), but they are more cost-effective and so cute!

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