Thursday, July 17, 2014

Parenting: The Overall Goal

Parenting is hard work. I know that this isn't a shock to many people, but honestly when I was a nanny, I thought that it would be so much better when I had my own kids. Of course, I knew all the answers with my many years of experience and the fact that I would get to choose how we parented was just icing on the cake! Of course, now that I am a mom, I know better.

Making the right decisions for you and your family is so hard. Do we let him cry it out or do we attend to his every need? Cloth diapers or disposables? Homemade baby food or store bought? When and how much technology should we introduce? What do we do if he's not hitting milestones? These are just a few questions that we've had to face and some answers are easier than others.

Our little guy is bright and very observant, but he's not super motivated to hold his bottle, crawl around the room, or put his paci in his mouth. We've talked to the doctor and she's not concerned and neither is the physical therapist or occupational therapist, but honestly, his temperament is something I'm not used to. It's almost like he's an exact mix between me and his father. Shocking, I know.

When it comes to him being observant and really taking things in, that's where he he's like me. He needs a lot going on and isn't happy with just staying in and having the same things to do. He likes to get out and see new places and do new things.

Then there are times where he just needs his routine and is content to not really push boundaries too much. He has his times where he is laid back and just wants to do what he wants in his own time and way. This definitely comes from my husband.

I'm finding it hard to parent this sensitive, sweet little boy who is also determined and stubborn in the way he needs. I'm often at a loss for what to do and on the phone with my mom asking her a million questions.

We are constantly learning through trial and error, but our goal is to raise a sweet, kind, strong, independent man who loves the Lord and really cares for others and that's what we're aiming for.

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