Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Gym Hiatus Over

After a 3 week hiatus from the gym and eating healthy all together I have resumed my regiment. I had last friday off so off to the gym I went for my "fitness evaluation"...you know, the one where they tell me I need to lose about 60 or so pounds to be "healthy" and do a work out with me that makes me so sore afterwards....ya. So we worked out and talked about personal training options. Honestly, there has always been something intriguing about personal training, but it has always been too expensive. After talking with them for a loooong time I decided it might be worth a try. Basically, my trainer would work out with me once a month and set up a workout schedule with specific workouts to do for every day I will be going to the gym so I know exactly what to do and there are no excuses. Also, they help you with nutrition even if you only meet with them once a month!

I thought that definitely this could be a good thing and that it would be great to see if the program is do-able for me. i have serious motivation issues when it comes to the gym...don't judge me. When they signed me up they had a year contract written up...WHAT??? I signed up anyways so that I wouldn't feel embarrassed, made an appointment, and went to tell Phil what I had done. Phil agreed that a month-to-month contract would be better or to be able to try it out for a few months first to see how I do with the program. We went back to the gym yesterday and talked to them to try to get the contract changed.

At first she said that the contract was already signed and their programs are one year long. Luckily, I had read the fine print that gave me until today to cancel the contract. As we talked to her for 10-15 minutes to explain how we think it would be best to try it out on a shorter term and sign up if it is what we were looking for she kept explaining that it is a year long program and it will take that long to reach my goals...nice try. We then said that we can cancel and are considering it because we didn't want a one year commitment...that's why we paid off our memberships in full!

It took a while, but she finally offered us a 6 month contract. Phil was still a little hesitant and we got it down to 3! * persistence people, persistence* Now, I will have a plan, trainer, and no real excuses *other than laziness* not to have this work out. Positive thoughts, laziness aside, I can do this :)

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