Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I may be slightly crazy

The day of the car accident my boyfriend broke the silence and told me that he had put a down payment on a ring. This is great news considering I have been wanting to marry him since the first month we started dating. I just had this feeling and knew, then, that he was the one. Since then, we have continued dating and talking about marriage for the duration of the relationship, mostly because I knew that God had him in my life to be my husband.

It has been almost 20 months since we've started dating and he has a really great job that would allow for us to consider marriage. This began more serious talks of getting engaged and married sooner. I may or may not drive him crazy with the amount of wedding talk I do and seriously schooled him in the ways of buying a good diamond, teaching him the 4 c's and how not to be ripped off by jewlery stores, especially in the mall.

Ever since he told me that he was getting it, my mind has been on overdrive. I overanalyze every move he makes and may or may not have looked through his phone history and a receipt for lunch to find out if it was near where he bought the ring.

I am not a person that deals well with surprises and likes to plan everything. This, of course, is all up to him. He's pretty much decided that there might be little to no chance of actually surprising me because I just tend to "know" things. I have an idea of when it might happen, but for right now I've been thinking it could happen pretty much any waking minute since I know he wants to surprise me and to do that he would have to do something totally random like pop the question at the breakfast table or something. Lol.

Tonight I decided to confess that I looked at his lunch receipt and saw that he had called multiple times over the past week to the jewler. These are terrible things to do and I feel like I'm going crazy not knowing. It's too hard to just sit around, wait, and not think about these things when ideas swirl through my mind a million miles a minute.

I have decided that there is no way that I will be looking through his house for the ring. I'm not that crazy. You know, like on Bride Wars where Liv accidentally found the ring and wanted to look at it before her boyfriend gave it to her. I totally want to see it for the first time when he is holding it, down on one knee.

As for now, I feel much better getting it all of my chest and maybe if I can sit back and relax for a little while he may feel inspired to ask and I just might have to accept. lol.

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