Thursday, February 11, 2010

Short Work Week

With the massive amount of snow we have received over the past weekend and yesterday I was lucky enough to only have to work Monday of this week! Phil hasn't had to work yet, but it seems as though he might have to go in tomorrow :( I am super bummed about this and am feeling incredibly selfish at the moment with wanting him to be home with me.

To be completely honest, I would rather have to go to work then for him to go. His work day requires him to be up at 3:45am and at work around 6:30am. He works a long work day and doesn't get home until 5:45pm with a 2 hour commute each way.

Right now I feel super guilty. I've been saying so much today that I wanted another day off. Complaining, griping, and grumbling have been a large part of my demeanor when it came to thinking about going back to work. The thing is that my job is great. I love the kids I watch and have a great time doing it. They have been fantastic with all of the snow days and I still wanted a fourth day off.

Well, they say be careful what you wish for. I did get my fourth day off in a row, but Phil didn't. It would be great if I could run to the stores, clean up my apartment, and get ready for our Valentine's celebration on Saturday, but with the roads being so icy I'm not so sure I'll be going anywhere tomorrow.

On the plus side...we now have power back at the house! We were without power for a full 24 hours (minus about 15 min) and it really wasn't that bad. It was a little boring, but we survived and really made us appreciate lights, heat, hot food, and (for me) the tv and if I didn't already. lol.

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