Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow Days

Luckily since they were predicting a lot of snow yesterday and today my boss decided to text me and give me yesterday off! Phil had taken the day off as well so we got an extra day to spend together! Any time it snows, I stay over at his parents' house because 1) I have no tv or internet at my apartment, sad, but true, 2) I have no access to a 4 wheel drive vehicle 3) I do not own a snow shovel and with my wrist hurting can not shovel at the moment, and 4) Staying at his house means that I get to socialize with his family.Phil absolutely loves snow and even though we got 22 inches of snow he still would like more lol.

As we were snowed in today we started talking about surprises and how I just tend to know what they are before they happen. In fact, I guessed where we were going for dinner to next Saturday to celebrate Valentine's Day. It's a bad thing, really, especially since he's trying to plan something and I keep ruining it by guessing. I wish I could stop, but I like to have things planned out and it's hard to let that go.

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