Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sewing for my Business

I love sewing. It's something that I started doing randomly a couple of years ago and really got into last summer. Once I decided that I enjoyed it so much, I made the decision to start up a business!

I started making and selling clutch purses online on my Etsy shop and mostly at craft shows. I get tons of compliments on them, but they're not a hot ticket item. They are, however, really cute.

I also made some quilted cosmetic bags and wristlets that didn't sell well at craft shows, but they were a hit with people I knew!
A custom one for the school I was working for.

Since those weren't selling too well, I started branching out and making fleece scarves and felt rosette hair pins for kids and boy did those sell!

Which got me thinking...maybe baby and kid stuff would sell better at craft shows! This got me into making some new things for the craft show at the end of the month like...
Customized burp cloths...
Pacifier Clips...

And bibs!

I'm hoping that these items will be much more received (and purchased) since the price point seems to be more of where people are comfortable spending.

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