Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sometimes and Always #3

I'm linking up again with Megan again this week!

Sometimes... I want to go crazy on rude people.
Always... I try to hold it in and not cause a scene.

Sometimes... I try to get all of the errands done during the week.
Always... there seems to be something that my husband needs to help with on the weekend.

Sometimes... I try to save money by doing the "cheap" thing.
Always... I regret it and realize that it costs more to fix it than if I would have gone with the more expensive thing first.

I call this "embrace the ugly". Do not get your hair done at a beauty salon. I was going for blonde highlights and dark blonde low-lights. They talked me into "copper" and assured me it wouldn't be red. Ha, riiiight.

Sometimes... I get a little energetic and do random things.
Always... He says he still loves me, but it's a little much.

Sometimes... I can't believe that we're married!
Always... I love being married and wouldn't change it for anything!


Nicole said...

unfortunately you're right, cheap isn't always best.

Alyssa said...

I always wanna go crazy on rude people! Then I start to think that if I did, I might be considered rude too!

Holly said...

LOL at going crazy at rude people. I would like to do that sometimes too, though I always worry that they might be rude AND crazy, and like, kill me, or something...!?