Wednesday, March 7, 2012

So What Wednesday

I'm linking up again with Shannon at L.A.I.D..

This week I'm saying SO WHAT....
  • If I'm staying at home now and I love it. My husband and I decided that's what is best for our family and negative comments are not needed.
  • If I get a little annoyed when people ask me if I'm pregnant. If I were, that would be great, but no, I'm just fat thanks.
  • If I've been eating lunch foods for breakfast almost every day this past week.
  • I don't have a plan for dinner tonight. I'll figure something out, but I've been busy sewing all morning


Carrin said...

I got no plan for dinner either & I have 4 kiddos! Sometimes we just throw stuff together and go with it!

Alyssa said...

I much prefer lunch foods for breakfast any day of the week haha. I'm just not a huge breakfast person.

Cheerful Homemaker said...

I'm big on meal planning. If I don't have a plan we end up getting Wendy's or something.