Sunday, July 28, 2013

Any Day Now?!

I can't believe we made it to 35 weeks! Of course, that almost didn't happen after yesterday's shenanigans.

I went in for my normal NST at the hospital and everything looked great. I found out that what I thought was the baby pushing down was really a contraction so that was super fun! Of course, it's been happening for a couple of weeks now so that was a little shocking. After the hour or so that we were there, we were sent on our merry way and told to come back with signs of pre-term labor like they do every week.

We finally got our Target registry completion discount in the mail the other day and I was dying to get to Target and get all of the little things we needed. The Target in town has a tiny baby section so we went to the one 45 minutes away that is amazing! We waddled walked around and got everything we needed off the list and promptly went to Five Guys for lunch.

Once we were there I went to the bathroom and thought that I might have been leaking a little bit. I called my doctor and told him and he said to head straight to the Family Birthplace to get checked out, but it's probably nothing. Of course, I felt stupid about having to go back in, but it's always best to get checked out because you never know.

We headed to the hospital after lunch with a car full of baby things thinking we would be in and out within a couple of hours. They hooked me up to the monitors for another NST and did an exam. We found out that I didn't have a leak (yay!), but she said that she could see the baby's head and the sac was bulging...WHAT?!

When the doctor checked for dilation, she said I was 1 cm dilated and 100% effaced. My contractions were picking up and they weren't sure if I was going to make it through the night without my water breaking so they decided to have me stay overnight to see what would happen.

It was a super long night, but the nurses were fantastic! I started having contractions every 3-5 minutes until I went to sleep and they slowed down to every 10 minutes or so. It was hard to sleep between the contractions, monitoring, and the baby moving like crazy. I managed to make it through the night without my water breaking and was checked by the house doctor in the morning.

They released me on bed rest orders hoping that I could make it another week. I've been told that we're not sure if I'll make it another few days, but the best way to keep the baby in is to rest and hydrate like crazy so that's what we're doing. I'm supposed to only go to the fridge for food when no one else is home and to go to the bathroom. I have to keep my OB appointments and go back in if my water does break.

We're really hoping to make it to 36 weeks (ideally 37) to avoid a stay in the NICU. My hospital is very supportive of breastfeeding moms with babies who have to stay, but I would really love to be able to take him home with me when I get to go home.

My husband is being fantastic and is going to be making me food to be able to just grab from the fridge while he's at work. My in-laws are on vacation so I'll be hanging out at home by myself this week hoping that I don't go into labor while he's at work an hour and a half away! He'll be home Wednesday for our growth ultrasound so I'll have him here to keep me company and help me then too.

Let's keep this baby in for another week or two!

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Sarah at Midwest Pillowtalk said...

oh my gosh!! it is so crazy how timing works out. im a week overdue and ill pass that on to you! praying you go full term! good luck mama!