Wednesday, July 10, 2013

So the Testing Begins...

Today was a big day for us regarding baby appointments. We had our first Non-Stress Test (NST) and another growth ultrasound to see how our little guy is doing.

With being on insulin overnight for my fasting numbers, I am being closely monitored from here on out. I will be going in two times per week for NSTs and on one of those days they will be doing a quick AFI to check the amniotic fluid levels. I also am scheduled for another growth ultrasound in three weeks. Yes, on top of my regular OB appointments, I'm about to be super busy! Hopefully, time will fly right by.

The NST went really well. The baby cooperated and we were able to get a print out of his heart rate on the paper to take with us for the baby book (according to the nurse). I had no contractions and he passed with flying colors! The next one is scheduled for Saturday morning so hopefully he cooperates then too.

At the growth ultrasound we found out that he's measuring even smaller than last time. At 28 weeks, he was measuring in the 22nd percentile and we were told they wanted to see him continue to grow and to check back in a month. Today, at 32 weeks, he was measuring in the 14th a little smaller then what they would like to see.

The doctor let us know that he's growing accordingly, but he's not getting gaining a lot of weight in his belly. She said he could just be a lean baby (maybe like his father?), but we'll be able to tell more in three weeks when we go back. She assured me that he's healthy and when we come back if he's dropped below 10%, they will want to check for placental problems and make sure he's getting enough blood flow via a different ultrasound.

Since my blood sugars have been controlled well, there's no concern as of yet. They want to keep him in and get him as close to 37 weeks as possible before they need to take him, but preferably closer to 39 weeks, but no longer than that.

I'm feeling blessed to be able to have such great doctors and nurses looking out for our little man and know that they're watching out for him. Of course, we know that God is in control and our faith and trust is in Him  to protect and keep our little boy healthy and safe.


Courtney B said...

What a relief! Definitely praying that all goes well and your baby continues to grow perfectly until born!!

Sarah at Midwest Pillowtalk said...

yay for being monitored well! i know itll all go smoothly, and probably quickly!

Breanna said...

I'm so glad to hear that everything is going well :) It's so nice to have those weekly appointments for peace of mind! I can't wait to see pictures of him! :)