Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Rough Start

Being born early can mean many complications. Fortunately, Matthew is healthy and all of these things are minor in the grand scheme of things, but my little boy just can't seem to get a break these days. It's hard for me to watch, but it's hard for him to go through. 

First, he had a lip tie and tongue tie that needed to be clipped. That day, we also found out he had jaundice and was sent to the hospital to have him get light therapy for 24 hours and do a rebound test 6-8 hours later. Once we were home {again} from the hospital, he couldn't seem to latch well so we had to supplement with formula. Once pumping didn't work out, we ended up having to feed him formula exclusively and that was a disaster.

We had to try five different formulas before we found the right one. Then, of course, there was the acid reflux. Zantac took away some of the discomfort, but not all so we had to switch to Prevacid. Once that got into his system, he was doing really well for a few days. 

At his one month check up they found a lump in his groin and told us he might have a hernia. They sent us for an ultrasound and it was confirmed. Yesterday we had an appointment with the pediatric surgeon and set up his surgery to get the hernia repaired. Of course, this makes going to the bathroom super uncomfortable for him and he gets really upset which means less sleep for him and for mom.

I'm really looking forward to having this all behind us. It's been a lot of little things and I'm so grateful that he's healthy, but it's still hard on him {and me}! I can't wait to get the surgery done and over with and for him to finally be on the mend just in time for his two month check up.


Vanessa Miller said...

So sorry to hear that your little guy is having so many issues. Hoping it gets better for him and you soon!

Tristan said...

:( prayers for all!!!!

Lindsay said...

Oh my goodness mama- I had no idea! You're always so positive on IG and I just have stayed in my own little land as of late. No wonder BFeeding was stressful on top of all this! You are supermommy for sure!!! Shoot me a tweet, or email, or whatever whenever you need to vent girl- I'm here! Prayers for your little man. Rough starts have to mean you are in for some easy times here soon. Hang in there!