Sunday, December 1, 2013

Trying To Do The Right Thing

I have a lot on my mind tonight. You see, last year I volunteered at our church once a week with one of the kid's groups there. I wasn't planning on going back this year with having Matthew, but I was asked to come back. The kids are super rowdy and they were having a hard time getting things under control. I agreed to go, check it out, and help until they could get things up and running without me.

I went in and basically came up with a whole new system for the group. It's what I do. When I nannied, I would go in and fix things when the kids were having less than desirable behavior. I like to do things like that and create systems that work. After talking to the man in charge, we agreed that I would come up with a new system and he was 100% on board and asked the other volunteers to do the same.

Last week I brought in packets with how things would go so that everyone would be on the same page. The man in charge read it over ahead of time and really liked it. He even would stop by that night and told me at the end that he could see this really working!

Then, I got an email the next day asking me to have a meeting with a couple of the volunteers. It's a husband-wife duo and I know the wife isn't thrilled with me or possibly the changes I've made. No one will tell me anything other than the meeting is to work out any issues we may have. Umm, I didn't know there were any issues except for the ones I was fixing, but ok.
At this point, I'm left feeling confused and defeated. I spent hours putting this plan together and it was really going well. The kids need consistency and stability so we need to come up with one plan and stick with it no matter what. 

I was asked to come in and do this job and I am, but someone doesn't like it and it is what it is. I don't like leaving my family to go and help out if I'm not wanted so if things don't go well at the meeting, I guess I will graciously back down.

I'm just doing what's best for all of the parties involved, but I think it's a power struggle. The funny thing is that I don't need to be in control. The moment I walked in, everyone turned to me and let me take over. They asked me what to do about every situation so I made judgement calls as needed.

I guess I'll find out on Wednesday what the deal is, but for now, I'm being kept in the dark and that makes me feel anxious.

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