Wednesday, February 19, 2014

So What Wednesday

SO WHAT if I parent so much differently than I thought I would. We do what works for us. Matthew defies all of my expertise so things are constantly changing around here to make things work.

  • Tummy time is a rare occasion that I'm trying to make more frequent. Seriously, my kid screams bloody murder after a few minutes and will not calm down at all. So, we do it infrequently and are working on it. Yes, he can roll from belly to back, he just chooses not to.
  • We're not on a schedule. He changes it up daily and I'm really hoping with the new house it will fall into place a little more.
  • We rarely let him cry-it-out. This is mainly because he's swaddled and overheats if he screams too long and once he gets to a certain point, he does not calm down and it makes it so much harder to get him to go to sleep.
  • We feed him solids sporadically. I wanted to do baby led weaning, but he doesn't bring things (other than his hands) to his mouth so that's not working. We're hoping to try that later, but for now, purees once per day-ish is fine.
  • We're not cloth diapering...yet. We had a brief stint and I loved it, but my father-in-law keeps buying us disposables so that's fine. We buy some too and I figure when we're in the house, we can figure it out from there.
  • Sometimes I co-sleep for naps. If he's on his second nap of the day and is fighting it, we snuggle up and we both love it. Yesterday he slept for another two hours snuggled up with me and it was wonderful.
As a parent, my job is to do what works best for my family and right now that's changing a lot, but we work with what we've got. Our little man is opinionated and just like his momma...a little sensitive sometimes and that's ok. He needs a little more attention and enough going on to keep him busy and he's good to go.

I love learning new things about him and his developing personality and I'm being stretched in a good way by being his mom. Some days are challenging, but we're moving forward and every awake time is a new opportunity.

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