Wednesday, February 5, 2014

House Update

We have some great news! Since my last post explaining about our current reality with my husband working long days and our offer not being accepted, things have definitely turned around! Yes, my husband still works long days (and that will probably always be the case, but his job is definitely worth it) and we're still with the in-laws, but the house that we wanted and didn't get...the buyer fell through and we were able to re-submit our offer and they accepted it!

We currently have a contract on the house and should be settling at the end of the month! Yes, in less than 30 days (if we're on time with closing), we will be homeowners! Things around here have been a bit crazy with getting everything done, but we are SO thankful this is working out in our favor.

We've been busy with inspections, the lender, insurance agent, getting out of the short sale contract (which we still haven't heard anything from the bank and they have four days to make a decision), and looking at paint swatches and furniture. We're currently waiting to hear back from the sellers to see if they will repair what we requested and should hear back today.

I've been happily putting paint swatches up and running around to Ikea and really beginning to think about what we need and what we want in the new house to really make it ours. We're both looking forward to getting our furniture out of storage and not having enough to furnish the house! I will have a sewing room and that makes me beyond happy.

So far things are looking good to close on time, but that's all out of our hands. The sellers have moved out already so we're just waiting to have everything settled with the loan and repairs, then we're set to go!

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Vanessa Miller said...

Congratulations!!! I know you're looking forward to your own home! We just moved too. We have so much more space now! Good luck with the closing and the move!