Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I've kept it a little quiet here on the blog, but Matthew was evaluated recently to help him hit his milestones. Everyone agrees that he's right on par with some things (i.e. sitting up), but he's still not doing some other things that are important. The specialists that we've seen are all in agreement that it's because of all of the trouble he had with his reflux and stomach early on and his intolerance of tummy time for months. Now that he's able to tolerate it more, he's doing much better!

Every two weeks the physical therapist will come out and play with Matthew and teach me new ways to practice his skills. We're currently working on getting him to play with toys and move around more. He can roll, but usually chooses not to. We'd like to see him explore his surroundings more and to get him rolling around and scooting around.

We have a great team on our side who isn't concerned and that makes me happier than ever. Early on there were so many things that came up and I was constantly stressed about one thing or another. It's nice to not be worried about any of those things anymore and to know that we're doing the right things to help him reach his milestones.

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Adrienne said...

I'm so glad that you have a happy team on your side! Praying for you and for your little guy <3