Monday, March 10, 2014

Operation Ditch the Swaddle Update

We tried going swaddle-free for the first day (naps only) and he slept for 20 minutes each time. Now, 20 minutes is better than not falling asleep, but he would wake up happy and exhausted all at the same time, which meant tons of crankiness. By the third nap that day, he was back in the swaddle.

The next day we tried the first nap swaddle-free again and the same thing occurred. Not awesome. The rest of the day he was swaddled for naps so that was super fun, but he's getting so big that he can barely fit into them. I might seriously have to rig a sleep sack and sew swaddle wings for him to still have one!

At this point, we need to continue to unpack and our little guy needs to be well-rested. I guess we're going to keep swaddling and try again in another week or two.

Here's hoping that we can make these darn things fit until he's ready to nap swaddle-free!

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