Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the dress dilemma

This past weekend my Maid of Honor came up and we decided to go dress shopping with Phil's mom. I'm not planning on buying just yet because I'm losing weight and inches, but we wanted to see what the different styles/shapes would look like to "narrow down" the choices when we do go to buy.

I tried on a number of different dresses and really liked this one. After we were done we found out that it has been discontinued by the designer. If I want the dress, I have to buy it like...now to ensure that I have the dress. They can not guarantee the dress will still be there in a few months when I want to buy.

At the time it was closer to the top of my budget than the bottom and I would have had to blindly "guess" at what size I would need to order.

I called the store today to see what my options were and the sales lady was more than helpful. She explained about the different sizes and recommended one that would be the best to alter if any alterations would be needed for extra weight loss. She even went as far as telling me exact measurements for the dress and told me how many they had in that size and at what locations.

The best thing about it...now it is $300 less than what it was the other day at the store! The new price is in my "ideal" range to spend before alterations and is really close to where my mom lives so she could essentially pick it up for me if I needed her to and they couldn't ship it to the store out here.

The dilemma is that I really, really like the dress and how it looks on me. It is incredibly flattering and Phil's Gram seems to think I need to buy it...right...now. I wouldn't mind wearing that dress for the wedding, but it wasn't that "ohmygosh, this is the ONE" feeling that I thought I would have. Buuuut, I would hate to lose the dress because I didn't realize at the time that it was the one I want to wear.

I'm just not sure I'm going to find anything better than that dress. I'm willing to look, but not sure what to do if I don't find one that I love more than the one we all like.

What would you do in this situation?

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