Monday, June 7, 2010

McFatty Monday!

It's that time again and guess what...I lost a pound y'all! I have been sitting at the same spot for months and despite everything I tried the weight would just not come off to save my life. What did I do differently this past week? Well, that's the funny thing. I went to the gym once. I at coldstone's ice cream, a cheeseburger, taco bell (not the "healthy" stuff), had a soda, and ate dessert. Yep, did the bare minimum, did not stress, and the weight has started to come off!

I did manage to do a lot of running around and was still active, but not in the the way that I should be. Also, my water intake was good M-Th and was seriously slacking over the weekend. I fully intend to get back on track this week and have already been more active today! I'm still planning to go to the gym this week and work out in some way, just haven't set the plan yet. I've noticed that because of the exercise and moving around more, I am able to do so much more! I used to huff and puff playing softball and running the bases and now I don't get winded and there's no pain! It's definitely been a good thing to work out either way and I fully intend to keep it up.

I was also thinking that when I hit my 20 pound weight loss that there might be a giveaway! If anyone has any encouragement/suggestions just let me know and leave a comment!

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