Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Once upon a time...when I didn't live in Maryland, a lot of weird interesting things happened to me on a pretty consistent basis. There would be tons of great stories to chose from on a daily basis and these things, although totally weird, were "normal" for me, especially living in California.

As I moved across the country, the amount of interesting stories and weird things started to diminish. Sure, some things still happened in Virginia, but not nearly as many as in California. Now that I'm in Maryland, it is few and far between when something interesting happens. But no matter where I am, there always seems to be one common occurrence that happens...

Creepers. Yep, I said it. You know those really weird guys who decide to stare at you and smile non-stop and attempt to follow you around? I have one of those right now. It started one day that I went to physical therapy. There was this guy I hadn't seen and he kept looking over at me smiling. At first it seemed that he might just be a little friendly so, naturally, I smiled back and said hi. There was my first big mistake. I'm not sure if he took that as flirting, but lately it seems that every single time I have an appointment, guess who shows up.He should know by now that I have a boyfriend because a couple of the assistants there ask me how things are going and about my weekends and there is always mention of Phil.  It's not like I have a set time/day to go in, in fact, I change it every week based on my work and gym schedule so you could see why I was shocked when half-way through my appointment today (that was waaay later than normal) he shows up and starts staring and smiling at me. It creeps me out people.

I may or may not be considering getting one of those cheap, huge, fake rings to wear when I'm there so hopefully he gets the picture. Not sure that would really solve the problem, but listening to my Ipod while I'm there doesn't seem to give him the picture that I'm ignoring him either. Well, at least this is better than that time in Virginia when a guy used "setting up a play-date" as an excuse to get together. *shudder*

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Lindsay said...

now you don't need a fake one! :)