Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bargain Shopping

I love a good bargain, but do you know who loves a bargain even more than I do? Phil. He was raised, as was I, to shop around for the best price, use coupons, and wait until it is on sale to buy. These are great principles and we hope to be able to continue them in order to save money.

This week we were able to find a couple of good bargains at one of my favorite stores Target. I love going to Target. The store is always clean and it's pretty easy to find what you are looking for. Because I love Target so much, I also know that they put all of there clearance items on the end cap of the row. Often times, you will find me looking at things in the aisle and walking down the row of end caps looking at all of the clearance items.

Yesterday I was able to find this tablecloth on clearance. It is super cute and looks great with the color of wood we have in the dining room. We were able to find it for $10.48 and the listed price was $14.99!

I was also fortunate enough to find this duffel bag to be able to pack up a bag for the gym and have it ready to go! I'm hoping this will help to motivate me and get me there more often. This was a steal for only $7.48 and the listed price was $29.99!

I know it might not always be fun to wait for things to drop in price, but it can really pay off big-time. I'm still learning to exercise patience with waiting for certain things, but when we get great deals, it makes it that much easier for next time.

What you do bargain shop for the most?

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