Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snow Day...again!

Today we were fortunate enough to have another snow day. This is the second of the year and I must admit that with the wedding coming up, I absolutely love snow days!

I was super busy yesterday with appointments for the wedding (hair trial, make up trial, and picking out the cake) so I didn't get around to actually finish picking the wording for our ceremony. Since it started snowing right as we were finishing up with our cake appointment, Phil's mom suggested that I stay over at their house so that I didn't have to drive home in the snowy conditions.

I woke up this morning and school had been cancelled! I was able to leave Phil's parents' house around 11am and got home safely. After making and receiving a number of phone calls, I was able to sit down with the binders the pastor gave us, and pick out the wording for our ceremony. I couldn't believe how many choices there were or how we would like part of one and part of another. So, I sat there piecing things together until I got something I knew we would both like and emailed it to our pastor.

I think the best thing about snow days is that I feel like I can have time to lounge around, but also get things done all in the same day without having to rush anything. I made all of the phone calls I needed to make and was able to take care of things in a relaxed mode instead of trying to get through things while being stressed.

 I know tomorrow won't be another snow day, but I am thankful to only have to work two days this week since Friday is the ski trip for the grades I teach and I was able to "opt out." I'm hoping to go next year, but I didn't want to chance any injuries with the wedding 5 1/2 weeks away.

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Tristan said...

5 1/2 weeks..ahhhhh.
so close :)