Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sometimes and Always

Sometimes... I really don't feel like going to the gym.
Always... I go anyways. When the sweat starts pouring, I feel great!

Sometimes... I like going to the gym with friends.
Always... I get a better workout when I go alone, but I'm happy they're with me to workout and get healthy too.

Sometimes... I get a little hungry now that I'm watching what I eat.
Always... I know that my diet is nutritionally sound and it's just a little hungry and will pass.

Sometimes... People ask me what I'm doing to lose weight.
Always... I tell them diet and exercise. Eating right and working out is a safe, proven way to get healthy.

Sometimes... I can't believe I let myself get so heavy.
Always... I know that I'm doing what it takes to do the right thing now and that's all that matters!



First, I found you through the blog star. My name is Amy, writer of "Trials & Triumphs of Loving my Sailor". Second: High Five!! Working out & eating right is so hard & boring. I applaud your honesty & the fact that you keep going! I use to weigh 220 & I've lost 60 pds, so I can completely relate to your post. It's hard to stay focused & get derailed. I, again, give you a high five & hope this gives you the encouragment that you need! Love your post!

Nicholl Vincent said...

that is awesome that you go to the gym anyways!!

come say a quick hi at nichollvincent.blogspot.com :)

have a wonderful day!

Brooke Arellano said...

Hi there! I'm stopping by from the GFC Blog Hop and am now a new follower:) Would love for you to stop by Crazy Mama Drama!

MostWhatMatters said...

I totally love working out more by myself. I know what you mean. I am motivated to go more with friends though... Check out my post if you get a chance. Loved your sometimes & always this week.