Friday, July 27, 2012

Fit Fridays- Week 8

This past week was a little more hectic than usual. My husband and I ended up helping my mother-in-law babysit two kiddos overnight Saturday afternoon into Sunday afternoon and my husband had a medical procedure Monday afternoon so I only got to the gym three days this week! That's ok, life happens and I made sure to stay in my calorie range and still walk around a little more on my days off.

Here's what I did this week:
Workout Schedule: Tuesday-Thursday. We'll be in a car all day Saturday so I'm not sure I'll get to do anything active.
Rest Day

Rest Day

40 minutes of cardio via the stationary bike and treadmill.

45 minutes of cardio (Arc Trainer and Treadmill) and an arm workout {strength training}.

45 minutes of cardio via the Arc Trainer, treadmill, and stationary bike.

Rest Day {Packing and running errands}

I was seriously slacking in the water department. That's my biggest struggle. I still got my 8 cups in per day, but I like to get more. I stayed under my calorie limit every day, but need to incorporate more fruit and veggies in my diet. I'm picking up some today so I can't wait to have more fruit for snacks!

The ResultsStarting Weight: 224
Last Week's Weight: 215.4
Current Weight: 213.6

I'm down 1.8 pounds since last week and 10.4 pounds overall!

Starting Waist: 44"
Last Week: 40.5"
Current Waist: 40"

Starting Hips: 54"
Last Week: 49"
Current Hip: 48"

I'm down .5" in my waist and 1" in my hip area! This might sound funny, but I'm also losing weight in my butt, literally. I've noticed that pants and my swimsuit are starting to get looser on me!

This Week's Plan
Try to drink a ton of water each day, eat more fruit, and get in as many workouts as I can while being away from home.


Cheerful Homemaker said...

Great job!

Jennifer Delle Fave said...

Way to go! Keep it up; you're doing great!!

Holly said...

Congratulations on your weight loss! :)


Ok. You've inspired me. To the point that I got a gym membership today! Here is a toast to dropping those pounds.. & I'm very happy for you! You are doing great! Keep it up!!